How Many Books Do You Read in Law School?


I recently saw a Quora question asking how many books that law students typically read. Depending on the number of classes you have, I would generally say about 4–5 per semester (approximately 8–10 per year).

Unlike in college, most of your courses will just have one large, heavy book that contains all of your cases. Some professors may assign additional reading and that reading is often online rather than in an additional book. Primarily, though, you’ll spend most of your time with your casebooks.

But beyond all of your casebooks, you may want to consult treatises, especially during your 1L year. These are books that further explain some of the material that you may find confusing. As for me, I found Glannon’s Guide to Civil Procedure to be especially helpful. Ultimately, treatises can be especially useful as you prepare for exams.

I’ve just spoken about books related to law school, but I also think it’s important to read content outside of your courses. Whether it is Game of Thrones, other novels, or even sports news, it’s critical to build up boundaries between your life and law school. The last thing you want is to experience burnout.