Law School and Management Consulting

While most students attending law school intend to practice law after graduation, there are others who go to law school hoping that a law degree will open up doors outside of legal practice.  Before law school, friends and family sometimes tell these prospective law students that "you can do anything with a law degree."  Therefore, those students enter law school with the ultimate hope of obtaining a job in another field (management consulting, for instance).

I would highly advise attending law school for this reason.  While law school grads do obtain jobs outside the legal field (for instance, in management consulting or finance), the purpose of law school is to train students to be lawyers.  Those that are set on pursuing management consulting or finance should think about pursuing an MBA instead of a law degree.

Having said this, at Penn Law, there were opportunities to interview with consulting firms.  For instance, recruiters from McKinsey held informational sessions and interviewed students who were interested in the management consulting path.  Still, this was a rarity.  You shouldn’t bank on these opportunities if you’re thinking about spending up to six figures to attend law school.