Attending Law School At 25 Years Old

Graduating Student

Before attending law school, prospective law students often think about their ultimate career path, the potential costs in attending, and where they may eventually want to practice.  Having said this, one factor that is sometimes forgotten is when he or she should attend law school.  While this isn't the most important factor, it is a factor nonetheless and may have some effect on your law school experience. 

Early to Mid-20s

I began law school when I was 23 and graduated when I was 25.  Many of my classmates were around the same age as me.  There are some clear benefits to attending law school in your low to mid-20s.  Students in this age range often aren’t married or have children, so this lack of serious commitment can be an advantage.  These students simply have more time to dedicate towards studying, visit professors during office hours, and attend study group meetings.  They also have more time to attend networking events, which can be critical in their quest to obtain post-graduate employment.  As for the non-academic side, law students in this age range often like to socialize, play intramural sports, and go out to bars.  I’m not saying older students don’t do these things, but it may be more difficult to participate in the full law school experience if you’re older and have a family.

25 and Beyond

Having said this, I found some of my older law school colleagues to be more mature than those in their low to mid-20s.  Obviously, those students have more life experience.  It’s unclear whether this would give them a distinct advantage in obtaining higher 1L grades, for instance, but I think this maturity served them well when interviewing with employers.  There are many law students that attended law school either immediately after college or one to two years after graduation (I was in the latter camp).  Those students older than 25 have unique life experiences that can separate them during the interview process.

Ultimately, I don’t think there is a huge difference in attending law school when you’re 25 years or younger versus when you’re 25 years or older.  But having said this, attending law school with a family may require you to be more efficient with your time.