The "Best" University to Attend Law School?


Many prospective law students are looking for an edge to increase their chances of attending their preferred law school. I get it. I was in the same boat when I was thinking about law school. You want to make choices that will set yourself up nicely if you do end up pursuing a legal career.

With that said, I’d say that there isn’t any particular university that will best prepare you for law school. I’d even argue that there isn’t even a specific major that will “best” prepare you. As you’ll discover, law students come from a wide range of schools and studied a wide range of subjects. There isn’t a combination of university and major that will automatically open the doors to law school.

Sure, law schools will likely be more impressed if you attend Harvard compared to a state school. Prestige matters in the legal community and one of the easiest proxies for prestige is the U.S. News college rankings. But it’s not going to break your application if you attend a “less prestigious” school because it’s more affordable or because you feel more comfortable there.

At this stage of your career, I wouldn’t necessarily base your choice on your ultimate goal of going to law school. Instead, consider the financial ramifications of your decision, where you think you’d most enjoy college, and (partly) the prestige of the university. Who knows: you may ultimately discover in college that you don’t want to go to law school.