Advice For A Prospective Law Student


I recently came across a questioner on Quora who was thinking of law school. He has a high GPA and has other solid academic credentials. He also had a prior internship at his local prosecutor's office. That said, he was also thinking of other graduate degrees, along with traveling abroad to teach English.

The questioner's academic credentials will serve them well if they apply to law school. Most importantly, the questioner has prior work experience in the legal field. I think this is a huge benefit. They not only have a better idea of whether law school is right for them, but they've already started building their network in the legal industry. This will absolutely pay off if they choose to go to law school.

In the meantime, however, I’d recommended that the questioner seriously considers traveling abroad to teach. From the information they provided, this option seems most interesting to the questioner right now. Sure, the security and prestige of law school—and grad school generally—are attractive. But the questioner has a unique opportunity to take risks after graduating college. It only gets harder as you get older.

I see several benefits to choosing this path. The questioner will be immersed in a new culture and will be making a difference in their new community. They can travel when they're not working. They'll have some awesome life experiences that they'll never forget.

Also, while abroad, they'll have some great opportunities to self-reflect and really think about their future career path. Who knows: law school (or any other grad school) may turn out to be less interesting than they thought. But if they choose to go to law school, their experience abroad can be a net benefit as they begin selling themselves to admissions officers.

While law school and the legal market may be different in the next couple of years, law school isn’t going anywhere. If I was in the questioner's shoes, I’d think about taking the risk now and considering law school at a future time.