Attend Law School or Pursue a Passion?

Open road

A recent Quora post was from a questioner who was questioning whether to attend a Top 14 law school or pursue their passion for music.

Ultimately, it sounds like the questioner is facing a common dilemma. The minds of many prospective law students may be screaming “law school” but their hearts may be screaming something else. It’s even harder for the questioner since they were admitted to a great law school.

It’s difficult to offer personalized advice. However, I would agree with this general maxim: if you’re hesitant about going to law school, you probably shouldn’t go to law school.

Many law students are able to graduate through brute force. But the path is often more difficult for those who aren’t totally enamored with the thought of practicing law.

I truly believe that the most successful performers in any field are those who are most passionate about their craft. Succeeding in your 1L classes, finding a job, handling your debt—all of these things may be tougher if you’re constantly thinking, “I should really be taking a risk and trying to become an opera singer.”

So I think the questioner would find some clarity if they think about why they want to attend law school. Personally, I’d hesitate if they're interested in law school mostly because (1) it is a good “backup plan” or (2) you’re attracted to the prestige of a Top 14 law school.

In the end, I would think twice if the questioner intends to use law school as a hedge in case their opera career doesn’t pan out.