From One to Ten, How Difficult is Law School?


I recently came across a Quora question where someone was asking if we can rank the difficulty of law school on a scale of one to ten. It’s tough to assign an exact numerical value, so I’d argue that law school is generally difficult for everyone.

Sure, your 1L courses won’t be easy. But there will likely be one course that will give you even more trouble. For me, it was property, but for others, it may be civil procedure, constitutional law, or criminal law. You just have to get through these courses by any ethical means, whether that’s becoming attached to treatises, finding a comprehensive outline from a 2L or 3L, or something else.

But I’d argue that some of the more difficult parts of law school are (1) finding a job and (2) dealing with the stress.

I’ve previously discussed how I found my job when I was a rising 2L, but there are plenty of variables affecting each law student, including the prestige of their school, their 1L grades, and their own personal network. Finding a job is arguably your greatest challenge in law school. Just understand that if you struggle with your 1L grades, you may be searching for a job into your 3L year. It can become extremely stressful, especially with six figures of debt hanging over your head.

Along with this, it can also be extremely difficult dealing with the stress of law school. I probably don’t have to remind you, but studies have shown that addicted lawyers start as addicted law students. You have to take care of yourself and engage in healthy stress management activities, whether it’s a daily exercise routine, meditation, hanging with friends, or all of the above. It’s easy to forget about this, especially when you’re preparing for exams.

Ultimately, law school (and legal practice itself) is difficult, but the difficulties slightly vary depending on the person. It’s not an easy path and you have to take active measures to stay healthy—both mentally and physically—during all three years.