In 2015, over 37,000 individuals decided to enroll in law school.  Should you join them?

Deciding on Law School is an e-course designed to help you decide whether to attend law school.  Before you drop six figures and come face-to-face with the Socratic Method, new classmates, and late nights in the library, join me in taking a deep dive into the decision by considering the costs and benefits in obtaining a J.D.

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Course Content


Thoughts, justifications, and rationales

In the first module, we will speak about the common thoughts, justifications, and rationales that prospective law students consider before making their decision. We will discuss, among other justifications, influences from pop culture, pressure from family and friends, making money, and career flexibility.

Researching Law Schools.jpg

researching law schools

In the fourth module, we will discuss relevant factors when researching potential law schools. Discussion includes the merits of the law school rankings, the relevance of a school's prestige, the importance of employment outcomes, and secondary factors to analyze.

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career options and current market conditions

In the second module, we will speak about career options after graduating law school. We will also discuss current market conditions. Among the jobs we will discuss are those in private practice, business, government, and public interest firms.


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Are you an Attractive Candidate?

In the fifth module, we will analyze whether you are an attractive candidate to schools on your short list. We will discuss the law school application process and strategies in order to make you a more competitive applicant.


costs and debt

In the third module, we will speak about the costs and debt associated with law school. A critical topic to analyze before you make your decision, topics discussed will include historic and present tuition, the various costs in attending law school, how to pay for law school, and how to pay off your debt after graduation.


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Concluding Thoughts and Next Steps

We will conclude the course by wrapping up the main lessons from all of the modules and by reflecting on how the decision will affect your finances, career choices, and overall happiness.